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Born in Athens, Greece,

Photography sculpts space and time the need to express my thoughts, to transform the visual reality of the world into my truth,
my desire to be a witness to the action and move the three-dimensional image immediately to a two-dimensional surface made me choose as my tool to weird, to paint with the camera ... this artistic creation but it contains something magical.
The Photographer carries the extra-world or imagery into four lines and four angles, encompassing the uniqueness of the moment.

In street photography every moment is a new moment, so the image is the result of a constant instinctual effort to capture space and time.
The photo captures the moment so it preserves the time. For me, street photography is a form of art expressing itself with imagery. Everyday occupation is a life posture, it's a passion for life.

Participation in exhibitions
1991 berlin tacheles    (photography)
1992 berlin tacheles    (photography)
1993 koyfonissi cyclades(photography)
1994 berlin (photography)
1994 koyfonissi(photography outdoor)
1995 athens (photography)
1996 athens,koyfonissi cyclades (photography instalations)
1997 berlin (photography)
1997 athens(cheap art) (photography)
1998 athens(cheap art)
1999 thessaloniki(cheap art)
2000 athens (cheap art)
2001 berlin (photography)
2002 koyfonissi cyclades (photography)
2003 athens (cheap art)
2004 athens(cheap art)
2004 thessaloniki(cheap art)
2004 berlin(photography)
2005 athens (gallery E31)
2005 athens(cheap art)
2005 thessaloniki(cheap art)
2006 koyfonissi cyclades (photography instalations)
2007'' festival der nationen''experimental film festival
2008 ''short film festival hamburg''title of the film ''revolution''
2008 athens (cheap art)
2008 koyfonissi cyclades (instalations)
2009 athens (cheap art)
2009 thessaloniki(cheap art)
2010  athens (cheap art)
2011  athens (cheap art)
2012 athens (cheap art)
2013  athens (cheap art)
2014  athens (cheap art)
2015  athens (cheap art)
2016  koyfonissi(photography outdoor)
2017  athens (cheap art) be continued
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